Top 5 Best Chengdu Outdoor Activities and Adventure Tours

Chengdu is outstanding. Well, you should expect that as it is the capital city of Sichuan, China. The city is fast approaching the stage of being the most popular tourist attraction among tourists. The city is also known for harboring artifacts of Shu dynasty, breathing in the Jinsha site museum as well as some pandas. The city offers a pleasant lot of things to do, of which here are top 5 Best Outdoor Activities and Adventure tours that you can grab in Chengdu for a glorious experience.


  1. Tour to Chengdu Research Base (of Panda Breeding)


As one of the rarest wildlife in the world, it is recommended you see one now because you might not have the opportunity to again. Visiting the research base will reward you so much fun, as you will feed, play and hug the pandas. Pandas are friendly animals as well as cute. You’ll surely enjoy your time here.


  1. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Mount Qingcheng


Taoism is born in this marvelous world heritage site. Located 1260 meters above the sea level, it has a dense green setting with a naturally peaceful ambiance. There are lots of things and places to explore, so be sure to get here early so you won’t miss much. From 72 caves and 32 peaks, including over 108 electrifying views, you’ll definitely get enchanted in the place. So be early to get bewitched for a long moment.


  1. Admire Qingyang Palace


The ancient palace is definitely worth admiring. You will definitely be amazed with its beauty that spans from its front gate to the Three purities hall, Goddess Douma hall, Eight Dragon Pavilion, Hunyuan hall and more. Walk through the palace and get acquainted with the Taoism exhibits and more. Each hall has its own charm and history you just can’t wait to hear.


  1. Explore Leshan Giant Buddha.


Visit one of the most iconic and inspiring things to do in Chengdu. The Leshan Giant of Buddha is the largest of all colossal stone-carved seated Maitreya. Religionists and tourists embark on long pilgrimage trips just to see it. Its height is a marveling figure of 71meter and width, 24 meter. The craftsmanship at work at the site (carving the Buddha out of the surrounding rock) awarded it a World Heritage Site in 1996.


  1. Make new friends at Renmin.


Get revived at the city center – in Renmin. This amazing arena is parked with lovely sights and entertainment hubs plus a foaming show of heritage. Explore with the locals stunning places like the Orchid Garden, the Teahouse, Rocky Square and more. In Renmin, you’ll drink to fill the tasty life of Chengdu. Your outdoor story in Chengdu is not complete with this!


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