What Are The Things That You Should Keep In Mind Befor

Last week while I was in my yoga class giving instructions to the students, I told a boy to lift his chest a bit higher. But he didn’t move. I thought that my instruction may not be loud and clear enough for him, so I repeated it again but still he did nothing. Before I was about to give my next instruction, he made an eye contact and said, “I can’t backbend more than this.” He had told me on the first day of class that there was a rod in is back. So, it was my mistake at this point. As a yoga teacher, I try my level best to encourage my students as much as possible. But in those efforts sometime I forget the limitations of my students. The primary reason behind that is large amount of students who attain my classes.

I liked how he reminded me of his limitations. In fact, I was grateful to him. Of course, you should trust your yoga teacher that he/she has enough knowledge and wisdom to guide you properly. But sometimes it’s just better to ignore your teacher and listen to your body because ultimately it’s you who knows your body at best. This is one of the most valuable lesson that I’ve learnt ever while practicing yoga.https://courses.onlineyoga.school/courses/prenatal-yoga-teacher-training

Teachers are also human like me and you. They try their level best to help you in increasing energy and stabilization in your body. Since they’ve been practicing yoga from a long time, they’ve a decent understanding of human body for helping you out. But sometimes even the most skilled and most experienced teachers can end up doing mistakes. They may forget about an injury that you’ve or about any other physical limitation that you’ve.

Your teacher may have the best knowledge, best skill set and best-in class experience of yoga, but I think that ultimately the responsibility of taking care of your body is entirely on your shoulders. You should speak up when something doesn’t seem fine for your body and be discerning about the amount of advice that you accept. In fact, I also think that before trusting every piece of advice, you should look a bit into the background of knowledge that they’ve. Probably you shouldn’t take your teacher’s advice about your tweaked SI joint if he has a background in meditation.

So here’s the crux – Trust your teachers. They offer a lot in the form of advice, guidance and support. But take their advice as secondary for your body’s intuition, guts and abilities. Because ultimately it’s your body, not your teacher’s. So take the advice that seems fine and acceptable for your body and ignore everything else.

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