World Events in Tapestries 

The press nowadays is stuffed full of doom and gloom – wars, economy, inventory industry, tsunamis, earthquakes, starvation, international warming – the number is endless. But how various can it be nowadays compared to 700 years back, 400 years ago or 200 years back?

We believe we are in the middle of important maelstrom, but we see that record continually repeats itself and that the continuous functions of the world are noted entirely residing color in stitched tapestries.

Planning back time and energy to the ancient time, a period known as the dark ages, we come upon a series of popular hand stitched tapestries called the Apocalypse series. In reality that wall tapestry, stitched in 1373 was formerly one constant part calculating 459 feet.

That amazing wall hanging tapestry noted the functions of the 1300’s – their conflicts, famine, failed harvests because of major climatic improvements and of course the human condition. Moreover that tapestry wall hanging.

predicted the death of the human race with the 4 horses of the apocalypse. What stays today of this hand woven tapestry is around 110 feet in sectors and maintained at the castle in Angers in France.

In involving the dark ages and the French renaissance, we have a lot of tapestries depicting fight views and wars, alongside views of the nobility at leisure within their gardens and peasants harvesting. The planet hadn’t arrived at a finish,

as defined in the Apocalypse tapestries, and therefore war displays became spaced with wall tapestries depicting common life, and obviously more inspirational tapestries of saints and saintliness that have been commissioned by the church.

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